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Embracing media communications through inquiry-based learning and academic studies, I applied these lessons to real-world experiences involving hands-on work filming as: an intern with a film production company, developing skills as a news writer and host at a radio station. 

The first examples are films clips which I produced and directed for my IB film studies, they show a progression from early experiments in different genres ranging from German Expressionism to Sci-fi. Drawing on my knowledge of film history, theory and philosophy I began making short independent films which reflect different aspects of my personality that help tell a story. 

My second examples are photographs that I captured, mostly they are of motion, but the concept is time. Fleeting moments of a fast car illustrates the passage of time, moments of solitude with the way light trails glow in the darkness also reflect an emotive element. My goal was to capture split seconds of movement that call attention to transient moment of our everyday life that otherwise people overlook. The Portrait face image framed in shadow is a staged moment that illustrates the transient nature of identity in a globalized world.

My third example is an analysis of the genre of encyclopedias, presenting a comparison of the characteristics of their content between two encyclopedias.

As a content creator, my prior experience of doing volunteer and project work producing photographs, news stories, and videos for various companies, sparked an interest that I want to take further academically.  My application for a Bachelor program in media studies at the University of British Columbia is motivated because I am interested in the topics covered particularly the courses ‘introduction to HCI methods’ and ‘Writing for production and interactive storytelling.’ My interest in these areas was reinforced when participating in the Microsoft workshop, to build ‘An app in a day,’ and I am looking for a department in which I can study these kinds of things.

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Candidate name: Daniel Trainer

Undergraduate Media Studies Supplemental Application for the University of British Columbia.

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